Little Ericaceae

Obsessive tea drinker and cereal eater from the north of England who spends most of her time painting picturesque, countryside landscapes, listening to Yann Tiersen, watching various french films and devoting her love to all things creative and rather eccentric. Tends to be found pouring over beautiful, vintage clothes or old, detailed trinkets in charity and little curiosity shops all over the north west of england. Hopes to, one day, fall in love and have her life resemble a Jane Austen novel, but until then, she is content with lending her love to culture, life and fashion!
~ Thursday, January 17 ~

My fantastic new online art gallery

Follow it.. there’s already some pretty bloody good art on there which will inspire and inflame your artistic loins! and I will be posting calls for submissions as soon as I get some more followers. 

If you can’t wait for then and want to submit your artwork now feel free! Just send images of the work, title/medium/dimensions/name and a short descriptions to my email address

I look forward to seeing you on my dash!

Heather :)

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